Meet the Candidate: Jeremy Vass, candidate for County Commissioner, precinct 4

April Davis
Staff Writer

The Borger News-Herald will be running articles over each non incumbant candidate for the upcoming election.
Jeremy Vass has lived in Hutchinson County for over four years and is the pastor of Church of Christ at Borger.
His interest in running for county commisioner was peaked when someone approached him about the idea.

“I had a few people push me to do this,” he laughes. “My life is built around serving other people. That comes from being a minister, it's all about caring for people. Primarily, that's spiritually, but honestly, quite a lot of my job is fixing leaky pipes for little, sweet older ladies, that kind of thing. Also part of my job in the ministry is to help my church reach out to the community. I lead them to do that and you can't lead by just pointing in a direction and saying 'you guys go that way.' I have to go there first, so I'm involved in many areas around town... it was brought to my attention that I live in Precinct 4 and many people have said I would be excellent at this job. I'm very excited about this. I've never run for political office before, but I do have a plan for this.”
Vass shares that he has done a vast amount of research for the position of county commissioner.

“I've done a lot of research on what it is that Hutchinson County needs,” he says. “What I've come up with is that the men that have held these offices before up until now, they have actually done a really good job with what they have to work with. Everyone could also do more if they had more tax money, but who wants to raise taxes? With what they have and the materials, I think they've done a good job.”
Vass says his priority is law enforcement.
“What I would be most interested in is helping the law enforcement do their job,” he notes. “Not that they are inaffective, but I know they could use some support form the commissioners court. If you allow them the tools to do their job, many of the things in Borger that are going on and in Hutchinson County will solve themselves. If we help them take out some of the drug stuff that's going on, it will clear up theft. A lot of things can be solved with one change.”

Vass admits that he has never held the position of county commissioner before and it will be a learning curve.
“At least today, that's what I would be most focused on. A year after I get elected, if I am elected, that might be different. The reality of things can be different sometimes, but standing on this side of the fence right now, this is what I would like to focus on.”
Other responsibilities for county commissioners include maintaining county buildings and property.

“County maintenance and taking care of the property that the county owns, they seem to have done a pretty good job,” confesses Vass. “I want a chance to serve my community. I have the time to do this job and I have the know how. I owned two successful businesses before I got into ministry.”
Vass previously did remodeling construction for 10 years and has experience with clearing right of ways for an electric company with heavy machinary.
“That's the other side of property maintenance, you need to know about heavy machinary,” says Vass. “I don't know it all, but I do know quite a bit. I think I can be helpful in that area.”
To the voters of Hutchinson County, Vass would like to say “I care. I care about people. My purpose is to love people and I'm service minded. I think my track record speaks for that. My reason for doing this is because I want to improve our community. I'm dedicated to doing this.”

Vass says part of his community involvement is with HutchCares.
“I built ramps for the elderly. Barbie at the school district with BISD, she's got me on speed dial because she knows if there is something the school district needs and my church can do it, we will.”

Vass is also involved with Meals on Wheels.