Hutchinson County Commissioners have funded an adult drug court for the fiscal 2017-18 year. Do you believe the program will be beneficial?

Hutchinson County Commissioners have funded a new Hutchinson County Adult Drug Court for 2017-18. District Court Judge James Mosley is hosting a community forum, open to the public, on Thursday, October 26 to discuss the new court. The community forum begins at 4:00 p.m. at the courthouse located in Stinnett at 500 Main St.

The event is designed to enlighten citizens on the formation of an adult drug court advisory council, the program's expectations and how the public can help make it more successful. Such drug courts have been shown to be successful around the nation. They reduce repeat offensives, lower law enforcement/incarceration costs and offer drug court defendants a new lease on life.

Do you believe the court will help defendant's dealing with drug addition? We like to read your feedback.