Frank Phillips Board Agenda (8/21)

For Immediate Release

Scheduled for August 21, at 12:00 p.m. in the FPC Board Room

I. Call to Order
a. Invocation
b. Welcome and Recognition of Guests

II. Minutes of Previous Meeting
a. Minutes of the June 19, 2017 Board Meeting

III. New Business – Discussion
a. Financial Report For Month Ending July 2017
b. Full Measure Education

IV. New Business – Action
a. 2017-18 Mission Statement
b. 2017-18 Goals and Plan for Sustainability and Growth
c. 2017-18 Proposed Budget
d. 2018-19 Academic Calendar
e. FPC Investment Policy
f. Vote Intent to Set Tax Rate; Set Calendar Dates for Tax Hearings
g. Harassment Statement for FPC Employee Handbook
h. Student Grievances Process for FPC Student Handbook
i. Property Bids: 0 Fairway Dr. and 512 Short St.; 703 & 705 Alabama St., Borger, TX

V. Items of Information
a. Annual Board Self-Evaluation Form/Workshop
b. City of Borger Annexation Letter
c. Grants Summary
d. Annual Calendar for Board of Regents
e. Upcoming Dates and Events

VI. Administrative and Board Reports – available at the meeting
a. President
b. Vice President and Deans
c. Board Members

VII. Closed Session – 551.074 Personnel Matters

VIII. Open Session

IX. Adjourn