Local Borger golf team claim 66th Budweiser Partnership

Tom Hinde

Borgan's Dylan Coffer and Will Paulsell claimed the 66th annual Budweiser Partnership last Sunday at the Ross Rogers Mustang course in Amarillo. The Borger duo beat 2016 champion's Kyle and Derick Kelting. It's just the third time in history a Borger team has won the event.

The Kelting's took the early lead in the morning session and looked poised to win the event in back-to-back years, but Coffer and Paulsell rallied in the afternoon session. The duo rallied from 2-down and over the last 16 holes won points at seven holes to the Kelting's netting points at only four holes.

Coffer and Paulsell joined the teams of Jack Coffey & Jim Haren in 1968 and Bobby Barber & Michael Casey in 2006 as teams from Borger to win the event. Coffer and Paulsell became the seventh and eighth players to qualify in this summer's Coors Tournament of Champions.