Tax season is here. It's the perfect time to build a plan for managing your affairs when you no longer can.

Tax season is the perfect time to build a plan for managing your affairs. A best practice is to build a trusted team to manage your affairs when you no longer can. You need someone trustworthy to pay bills and make critical medical decisions if you can't manage them yourself. Here's a few suggestions to begin the process.

Be creative when seeking financially capable members of the family. Provide a reasonable fee for their work. It takes time and thought to do a good job..

Choose a health care agent who lives nearby. Nineteen states now recognize some form of physician order for life-sustaining treatment. You should always state your treatment preferences with your doctor and agent.

Choose a community with ample resources for those 65 and older, and consider buying an immediate annuity to pay for basic lifetime care.

Simplify your financial life by gathering your assets into a single bank and investment company. That makes management easier both for you and anyone who takes over.

Finally, limit the powers you give to an agent through a durable power of attorney. Better yet, set up a living trust. The law holds trustees more accountable as decisions are made on your behalf.

We'd like to hear from our readers who are making these decisions. What advice would you give others to make your golden years, well, more golden?