Rep. Thornberry warns residents about criminals posing as IRS agents

Tom Hinde

Congressman Mac Thornberry (R-Clarendon) is warning 13th District residents against new waves of scams trying to take people's money. Criminals use a variety of different schemes to extort money from innocent people. One of the most common scams are criminals posing as IRS agents by phone or email.

Typically, such scams include letters threatening collection actions or reporting people to a credit agency unless immediate payment is made. Another frequent scam are emails demanding immediate payment of tax debts. Lastly, scam artists make calls or send email using personal information taken from social media inventing stories of medical emergencies or arrests which require immediate payment.

"People from our area have come to me will all types of scams just within the last week. While many of them seek to take advantage of older citizens, everyone should be alert for these and other creative attempts by criminals to obtain money," Thornberry said. Thornberry suggests reporting such scams to the Department of Treasury by calling (800) 366-4484, visiting or forwarding information to

"People should be aware..before they become victims themselves. We also want then to know how important it is to report instances like this so these criminals can be found and prosecuted," Thornberry added.