Discover the Nature of Mathematics debuts May 28 at the Don Harrington Discovery Center

The Don Harrington Discovery Center (DHDC) has announced their summer exhibit "Nature's Numbers" opening Saturday, May 28. Developed and designed by The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, Nature's Numbers features 20 interactive exhibit elements. The exhibition is divided into four themes of repeating patterns, shapes and sizes, designs in Nature, and mathematical inquiry. Visitors are invited to learn about symmetry, understanding the relationship between patterns and math, discover and recognize patterns in nature, and explore how mathematics helps us to understand the natural world in a practical way.

Nature's Numbers will be featured at the DHDC from May 28 until September 4, 2016. The DHDC is located at 1200 Streit Dr. in Amarillo. For more information visit

Saturday, May 28, 2016 to Sunday, September 4, 2016