Time for spring cleaning projects? Remember to take care of your lower back.

Thinking about spring cleaning projects? Most of us are this time of year. As you prepare your "to do" list, remember to take care of your back. According to AARP, four out of five people will experience low-back pain during their lifetime. It's one of the most common causes of disability and doctor visits. Check out these five surprising ways your back gets out-of-whack, and tips for keeping it in line.

First, are you feeling down and dealing with the "blues?" Often, depression translates into pain in other parts of your body. The fix: try to exercise more. Take a morning or lunch-break walk. You'll feel and sleep better. If depression continues, see a therapist. Secondly, do you have tight hips? If you have an office job or one that requires plenty of desk time, you probably have tight hips. This puts extra strain on your back. The fix: loosen up your hips with a classic frog exercise. With your knees on the floor, spread your legs apart as far as you can. Then roll your upper body forward so your elbows and forearms are on the floor. Thirdly, are you a bit heavy in the front? You're not alone. Many of use are. Being overweight can contribute to back pain. The fix: exercise both the large and small muscles in your back. Your local chiropractor can help you with exercises that work. Fourthly, are you on the phone all the time? We all like having a great social network, but constant reading and texting can put undo pressure on your spine. The fix: keep good posture while on the phone. Keep your head up and eyes down. Better still? Use headphones. The less you bend your neck, the healthier you'll keep your back. Lastly, do you have bad feet? Your body is one big kinetic chain. One weak link can cause problems elsewhere. The fix: foot pain caused by plantar fasciitis, arthritis or a twisted ankle should be dealt with immediately. Visit your podiatrist for treatment and wear only good quality shoes.

What tips do you have to keep your back healthy? Share them with our readers.