New Hampshire Primary results add credibility to Trump and Sanders campaigns

Pundits and experts agree the results from last week's Iowa caucuses altered both Republican and Democratic presidential races. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz surprised Donald Trump and Sen.Bernie Sanders nearly pulled-off an upset over Hillary Clinton. Tuesday's primary results from New Hampshire continued to shake-up American politics.

On the Republican side, Trump re-emerged as the clear front-runner winning 35.3 percent of the vote. The surprise was Ohio Governor John Kasich who finished second with 15.8 percent. On the Democratic side, Sanders won a resounding victory with 60.4 percent of the vote. The latest polls had shown Trump and Sanders holding large leads over their rivals.

The New Hampshire Primary is very different from last week's Iowa Caucuses. Independents are allowed to vote in either party's primary. Do you think New Hampshire voter's delivered more surprises Tuesday night? The presidential campaigns now move on to South Carolina and Nevada. The Texas Primary is less than a month away on Tuesday, March 1. Who do you believe will be the front-runners for both parties heading into our primary on March 1? We want to know your opinion.