Volunteers assist in Republican Primary Ballot Drawing

The random selection process of the ballot drawing was made possible by a number of young (and young at heart) volunteers who were interested in the election process. From left to right, back row, Rhon Munoz, Efren Munoz, Vanessa Munoz, Chloe Burleson, Cooper Jones, Galen Irwin. Front Row, Corby Rodriguez, Cadence Woods, and Keegan Woods
Alex Mann
Managing Editor

Late last week the Hutchinson County election process took a significant step forward with the conclusion of the Republican Primary ballot drawing. The order in which a candidates name appears on the ballot can have a significant impact on election results, and those running local campaigns were all gathered for the procedure which would randomly select their positions.

“With me today we have two ladies from the Hutchinson County Republican Women's Club, we have Cynthia LaGrone, the president, and Angela Clark our vice president.” Republican Party County Chair Mary Kay Phelan began, “The drawing is something we do every [election], and we actually have to draw from the president all the way down to the constable. I don't know what year they changed this, but the synopsis is... the number one position wins most of the time, so the slot is always important to candidates. I actually get calls from the parties of the president asking what slot their candidate was in this county.” Plelan continues, “We'll start with the President, and I thought we could have some of our young voters come in to help us draw.”

The numerous Republican candidates that have campaigned on the national stage then had their names placed in a simple basket to be selected at random. Efren Munoz III was chosen as the young voter to select the names, and the final order of presidential candidates on the Hutchinson County Republican Primary will be as follows: Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Rick Santorum, Donald J. Trump, Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Ben Carson, Elizabeth Gray, Carlie Fiorina, John Kasich, Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee, and Lindsey Graham.

Of course most candidates in the room were more concerned with local and county elections, for which ballot position could determine success or failure. A number of positions were included, and the final list of candidates, and their ballot positions is as follows. 84th District Judge; Craig Jones, Curt Brancheau. County Judge; Cindy Irwin, Amanda Harris. County Sheriff; Efren Munoz Jr., Kirk Coker, Don Johnson. County Commissioner, precinct 1; Heath Woods, Sean Burleson, Larry Coffman. County Commissioner, precinct 3; Red Isbell, Matt Chisum. Justice of the Peace; James Quall, Robin Dickerson, Yadi Rodriguez.

Between now and the election, residents will have the opportunity to participate in fundraisers as well as a candidates forum, but in the meantime locals are encouraged to research each of the candidates and their qualifications. Ballot position may be important for grabbing the votes of uninformed voters, but ideally, an informed electorate will be able to select the best candidates possible, making ballot position far less important.