Texas Big Game Awards Program celebrates 25 years of hunting heritage

Tom Hinde

Texas hunters can register and show off their hunting prizes in this year's Texas Big Game Award (TBGA) program. This year marks the 25 anniversary of the cooperative effort between the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and the Texas Wildlife Association (TWA) to promote big game hunting in Texas. The awards program promotes awareness of wildlife management, responsible hunting, habitat conservation, and landowner contributions to ensure wildlife habitat for future generations. Events will be held regionally and at the TWA's annual convention in San Antonio on July 15.

Award categories include first-time big game animal harvests, a youth big game division, regional and statewide big game harvests. For more information on the TBGA, entry information, or for a local certified TBGA scorer, visit www.TexasBigGameAwards.org or call (210) 236-9761. The program is accepting entries now through March 1, 2016.