Frank Phillips Plainsmen baseball team announces costumed game

Last years Halloween game entertained onlookers with a full team dressed in ridiculous costumes
Alex Mann
Managing Editor

Not everything about Halloween has to be filled with monsters and ghosts, in fact, one upcoming event promises to be outright hilarious. The Frank Phillips College Plainsmen baseball program has announced the second annual Halloween game slated for October 30, at 3:00 p.m. Notably, the game will be played with all athletes dressed in full Halloween costumes, and if last years event is any indication, the sight of grown men running bases in chicken costumes and princess tutus is sure to offer an afternoon of gut busting laughter and entertainment.

“Last year we had two guys dress up as peanut butter and jelly, and they even had some music to go along with it,” Coach Clayton Pate with the Plainsmen baseball team laughs, “They do a good job of being creative and incorporating different things into it.” According to Pate, the event is simply aimed at encouraging support for the team, and having a good time. “The idea was just to have a lot of fun. The event is free,” Pate says, “people just come and enjoy themselves. That way, people can see us out there having fun, and hopefully they'll start coming out more to support us.”

After numerous locals spent an afternoon enjoying last year's crazy game, Pate explains how the whole idea got started “Coach Eramo and myself, we sat down last year to think of something fun we could end the fall with. We came up with this Halloween game not knowing how it would go or what would happen, but the school got involved, and loved it,” he says, “We decided to do it again, and it was such a blast the first time, we've tried to do it even bigger this year.”

For those interested in attending, the Frank Phillips diamond is located at the back of the campus, just behind the Safety Center. Food will be available at the game, and Coach Pate assures the event will be one to remember. “Just come out and enjoy a fun Halloween day,” he says, “It's going to be kid friendly, and it'll be a chance to have a fun time and see what college is all about.”