Riverview Baptist honors law enforcement

A number of law enforcement agencies from around the county attended the Sunday banquet
Alex Mann
Managing Editor

In the midst of civil unrest across the nation, police departments are often the target of protests, vitriol, and even violence. Despite this, police stand resolute in the commitment they’ve made to themselves and their communities as they continue their fight for peace, law, and order, even risking their own health and safety to do so. However just as many continue to express dissatisfaction with police, others have remembered to offer thanks for the incredibly difficult and dangerous work the men and women of law enforcement have volunteered to perform.
Today, one local church is honoring the sacrifice of local law enforcement as Riverview Baptist hosts a banquet for law enforcement officers. “Without them, this would be a very chaotic world. More so than what it is,” says Julie Gipson, who is one of many helping to organize the event. She continues, “We have to have laws, and we have to have enforcers of those laws. It protects all of us, not just a few. They have to handle people who don't care for them, but they still have to be there when they're needed.” Numerous law enforcement agencies from around the region have been invited to the banquet, each of which strives daily to serve and protect their respective jurisdictions. “We've invited Fritch PD, Borger PD, Stinnett PD, the Sheriff’s Office, DPS [Department of Public Safety], and the park service,” Julie says, and for their part, the agencies have received the invitations gratefully. “The department heads we've talked to all thought it was a very nice gesture, and they really need to be appreciated.” Julie continues, “They're being targeted right now, and this is their job, their career, and their lives, so that's really sad to me.”
While the cooking and preparation required a team effort to organize, Julie says the task was well worth it. “We started about the first of September,” She explains, “Our preacher, Brother Jimmy Gilmore, it was his idea, and it was in light of everything that's happening around the country. Then Officer Sherlin was in that bad wreck in Amarillo... [Pastor Gilmore] just really has a heart for our law enforcement officers, and he decided to hold a dinner.”
While for most, the respect and thanks offered to police officers is due to the tireless work they perform, for Julie, the concern for officer safety comes from a more personal place. “We have a son in the Amarillo Police Department who was in Borger for some time, so it's really special to our heart too.” She says, “We just want them to know we really do appreciate the sacrifices they make every day.”