AMARILLO, Texas (Feb. 18, 2021) – Significant improvements in generation resources in the Southwest Power Pool footprint have led the SPP, Xcel Energy and other regional utilities to downgrade the energy emergency status.


But Xcel Energy cautions that regional power plants are still experiencing natural gas curtailments, and customers are still encouraged to continue conserving power as the system recovers into the weekend. At the present time Xcel Energy does not anticipate any more controlled outages. Even so, electricity demand is high with low temperatures and not all resources are able to run due to natural gas scarcity.


Xcel Energy, regional electric cooperatives and municipal systems such as Lubbock Power & Light, have entered conservative operations, meaning that the power generating fleet will continue operating at capacity unless emergency repairs are needed, and maintenance on key transmission lines will be delayed until seasonal temperatures allow for normal operations.


“The power pool has regained generation in other states, meaning they can operate the integrated electrical system at a higher capacity to meet electricity demand that is still high because of cold temperatures,” said David Hudson, president, Xcel Energy – New Mexico, Texas. “This coupled with an outstanding effort on the part of area electric customers to conserve energy has improved the outlook considerably. We’re extremely grateful for the patience and action of our customers during this trying time.


“However, we are still asking for customer conservation as natural gas supplies to area power plants are still being curtailed until the natural gas pipelines build back their pressures.”



* Electric cooperatives in the Texas South Plains, Texas Panhandle and eastern and southeastern New Mexico regions include:


Bailey County Electric Cooperative Association (Texas)

Big Country Electric Cooperative, Inc. (Texas)

Deaf Smith Electric Cooperative, Inc. (Texas)

Greenbelt Electric Cooperative, Inc. (Texas)

Lamb County Electric Cooperative, Inc. (Texas)

Lighthouse Electric Cooperative, Inc. (Texas)

Lyntegar Electric Cooperative, Inc. (Texas)

North Plains Electric Cooperative, Inc. (Texas)

Rita Blanca Electric Cooperative, Inc. (Texas)

South Plains Electric Cooperative, Inc. (Texas)

Swisher Electric Cooperative, Inc. (Texas)

Central Valley Electric Cooperative (New Mexico)

Farmers Electric Cooperative (New Mexico)

Roosevelt County Electric Cooperative (New Mexico)

Lea County Electric Cooperative (New Mexico)

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