While striving for an increasingly more sustainable agriculture system, our society is becoming more and more aware that agriculture is the solution to some of the most fundamental challenges we face here at home and around the globe.

Whether addressing food deserts in rural and urban communities, chronic diseases related to nutrition or improving the air we breathe, the water we drink and the soils that support our food supply, agriculture can provide the answer.

Celebrating World Food Day

As we celebrate the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations’ World Food Day, it’s important to recognize the imperative roles and solutions that Texas A&M AgriLife has contributed to the cause.

From the time of Norman Borlaug to the present, Texas A&M AgriLife has established itself as a leader in reducing hunger both here and around the world. From enhancing production, to reducing food waste, to improving nutrition through consumption and providing alternative options to enhance the environmental footprint, Texas A&M AgriLife responds to the call of duty with sound research and education that creates solutions.

Although it is time to consider the many challenges that threaten us like food security, we must also consider our health and quality of life as we venture forth to create a better future.

“My career as a nutrition scientist has exposed me to the links between our nutrition and our health,” said Patrick J. Stover, Ph.D., vice chancellor of Texas A&M AgriLife, dean of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and director of Texas A&M AgriLife Research. “Serving at Texas A&M AgriLife has opened my eyes to the numerous ways agriculture can be the solution for not only healthier lives, but also a healthier planet.”

Agriculture as the solution

Texas A&M AgriLife is leading through action. Our scientists, researchers, faculty and staff are committed to the land-grant mission and advancement on multiple fronts related to our food supply, from production to consumption. Through these innovations, we will continue to improve our food supply and our health, and in turn, create a better future for those to come.

Pushing the bounds of future farming through controlled environment agriculture

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