Xcel Energy warns of local phone scams

Wes Reeves
Xcel Energy

We’re hearing reports of more scam attempts against our customers in Texas and New Mexico. Scammers are still using the phones to impersonate Xcel Energy customer agents, and they’re telling customers their power is about to be disconnected if they don’t make a payment over the phone. Just a reminder that Xcel Energy always sends written disconnect notices through the mail first if a customer is in danger of being disconnected for nonpayment. If customers get a call like this, they should hang up and contact our customer service agents to verify account status. If there is a payment due, customers will be given instructions on the appropriate ways to make payment.

Business customers should call 1-800-481-4700
Residential customers should call 1-800-895-4999

More information on avoiding scams is available at http://connect.xcelenergy.com/scams/