WTES receives special recognition

West Texas Elementary has yet again been recognized by the Division of NCLB Program Coordination at the Texas Education Agency for outstanding academic performance and received A Distinguished Progress and Distinguished Performance Awards for 2010-2011.Garey Dozier, principal of WTES, stated that since 1998, the school has received this award 12 times. In order for a school to get this type of recognition it has to have done the following:•Maintained a campus residing population of 40% or more low-income in 2010-2011•Met AYP in 2009 and 2010•Achieved a campus rating in Spring 2010 of Exemplary•Achieved a campus rating in Spring 2009 of either Exemplary or Recognized •Achieved a campus rating in Spring 2008 of either Exemplary or Recognized. •90 percent of students in all area must have passed Language Arts, Reading, Math, and Science.