Workers injured in industrial accident at Phillps 66


     An industrial accident at the Phillips 66 refinery in Borger on Tuesday sent several people to the local hospital. 

     At around 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, several employees involved in planned maintenance work (or 'Turnaround' for those familiar with the term) at Phillips 66 in a unit that handles hydrofluric (HF) acid were taken to Golden Plains Community Hospital with injuries, according to Dennis Nuss, a Senior Advisor for Phillips 66 who works with Project Communications.

     At least one Phillips 66 employee is being treated at the Lubbock Burn Center with non-life threatening injuries. One other Phillips 66 employee and a contractor with an unknown company were treated and released from GPCH.

     Details are still being clarified as the influx of turnaround workers has increased traffic inside the plant. Phillips 66 is investigating the cause and implications of the incident. According to Nuss, "We want to figure out exactly what happened. We want to make sure that something similar will not happen again."

     The unit where the incident occured was shut down at the time for the turnaround work, but Nuss did not confirm the exact nature of the incident. When asked if the incident was due to either a chemical exposure or a fire, he said, "There was no fire."

     "Our thoughts continue to be with the workers and their families," Nuss told the News-Herald
     The Borger News-Herald will remain in contact with representatives from Phillips 66 and is reaching out to contract companies and contractors and will update the story as more information is released.