Woman indicted in mail theft case

A Borger mail carrier has been indicted on charges of tampering with U.S. mail.Postal carrier Lesa Marie Stark is facing three separate charges related to her alleged abuse of the U.S. postal service. The first charge, Theft of Mail, alleges that Stark embezzled a Veteran’s Administration prescription medication mailer from a resident on Pecan St..The second charge, Delay or Destruction of Mail, claims that Ms. Stark , between the dates of April 25 - April 30 2013, knowingly delayed the passage of approximately 35 pieces of U.S. Standard Class Mail and 5 pieces of First Class Mail. The third charge, Obstruction of Mail, alleges that Ms. Stark “did obstruct and retard the passage of” those same ~40 pieces of mail.Ms. Stark began her career with the United States Postal Service in Amarillo in January of 1995. She has been on unpaid leave status as of May 2nd of 2013.