West Street returning to two-way status

A one-way street in the northern section of Borger is going back to two-way status.During its regular meeting Tuesday, the Borger City Council approved the introduction of an ordinance amending traffic schedules pertaining to one-way streets and alleys. The ordinance will remove West Street as a one-way street.Ted Dodd, Director of Public Works for the City of Borger, said that in 1997, West Street was made a one-way street from Sterling to Harrington in order to prevent buses and cars from conflicting when dropping off and picking up school children at Gateway Elementary.The street has remained one-way since that time. However, Dodd said there is no longer a need for the street to remain that way.“With the construction of the new elementary school, the old Gateway facility is no longer utilized as an elementary school,” he said.The department sent letters to all residents on West Street asking for comments. One person who responded asked that the street be left alone. However, most wanted the street to return to two-way status.“One stated that he has been waiting for this for some time,” Dodd said. “Another complained that he received a ticket from a deputy because he drove up the wrong way to his house immediately off Harrington and parked in his carport.”He said the department contacted Borger ISD Superintendent Chance Welch and asked for input. Welch indicated that the district does not have any objections to returning West Street to two-way traffic.“Impact from the change would make the street consistent with others in the area,” Dodd said. “No negative impact is anticipated.”There will be negligible cost from the change in signage. Dodd said additional temporary warning signs will be placed for 60 days advising drivers.