Water levels up 7 feet at Meredith

Thanks to large amounts of rain in the Texas Panhandle area, Lake Meredith’s water levels have risen a large amount. According to Kent Satterwhite, general manager of The Canadian River Municipal Water Authority, Lake Meredith has gained about 7 feet in depth over the past 30 days. Since the water levels have risen, CRMWA officials have decided the lake is capable of supplying water to the region. CRMWA began pulling a small amount ofwater from the lake on Friday to supply and conserve water from the Ogallala Aquifer. In the next couple of weeks Satterwhite said CRMWA will pull a little over half a foot from water from the lake. “We will be pumping about 2 million gallons a day for about 60 days,” said Satterwhite. The amount of water being pulled from the lake is minimal, said Satterwhite. “On average the lakes evaporation level is 17 million gallons a day.”