Wal-Mart Super Center possible if pipeline is moved

On Thursday afternoon, the Borger Economic Development Corporation agreed to provide funds which will be used to move pipelines from an area of land being considered for the future home of a Wal-Mart Super Center.Local businessman Odis McClellan came before the Borger EDC Board of Directors to see if the EDC would help in the rerouting of pipeline on land located between Highway 136 and Carbon Road next to the new hospital, in order for the land to be used for development.Recently that area of town has seen construction projects taking place, including the hospital, Hampton Inn, Subway and the Church of God. In the discussion between the EDC Board and McClellan, there is a sense the area will continue to see development over the next several years and the addition of a Super Center could serve as a big economic asset for the community.As of Thursday, McClellan said discussions have taken place with Wal-Mart for the purchase of 17 acres, from the local businessman, in the Highway 136/Carbon Road area although a deal with the corporation still needs to be finalized. If for some reason the deal for a Super Center fell through, McClellan said there has been some interest for using that area for other projects. However, in order to move forward on any project, having the pipelines rerouted is key in being able to use the land.After some discussion, the EDC Board of Directors approved to provide around $250,000 to assist DCP Midstream and McCellan in rerouting pipeline around the area with Borger EDC CEO Dan Redd saying he expects the moving of the pipeline owned by DCP Midstream to get underway very soon.Redd said, “There is a feeling from Wal-Mart that once a deal is finalized for the land they would like to get started developing it as soon as they can. There are some details that need to be worked out but I expect the rerouting of the pipeline will get underway as soon as possible.”