Volunteers critical to success of museum, nursing home

(Editor’s Note: With April 10-16 being National Volunteer Week, this is part one of a four-part series about the importance of volunteers in certain organizations throughout the community.)With this week being designated as National Volunteer Week, there are a variety of local organizations that relay on volunteers to keep their organizations running successfully, a couple of them being the Hutchinson County Museum and Borger Healthcare Center. Wes Phillips, Director of the Hutchinson County Museum, said, “Our volunteers are very critical and we couldn’t make it without them.” Most of the volunteers at the museum help with watching the front desk, inventory, archives, exhibits, and some have even helped with carpenter work. A few of the key volunteers at the museum are Jackie Trigg, Cleo Morrison, and Louise Burns.Gary Morrison also volunteers with the museum.Phillips said that they are always looking for volunteers and interested citizens can talk with him, Judy Mihm, or Lynn Hopkins by calling 273-0130. The Borger Healthcare Center also finds that volunteers are very critical, whether it be planting plants around the building, visiting, providing any type of performances to entertain residents, bringing snacks, and even calling bingo. Jennifer McPherson, Administrator for the Borger Healthcare Center, said that volunteering ”gets the community involved with the residents and also brings a little piece of Borger to them.” McPherson also said that anyone wanting to help can contact her at 273-3785 or Joyce Williams, the activity director at 273-3921.