UPDATE: Man arrested in New Year's homicide

A dispute between a father and son turned deadly Wednesday evening, ending with a 23-year old Borger man being taken in to custody on homicide charges.According to Lt. Anthony Griffin of the Borger Police Department, at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday evening, Borger Police officers were dispatched to 918 Nelson Street in reference to shots being fired. Upon arrival, the officers found that a family disturbance had occurred and escalated into a shooting, leaving one person deceased and another in custody. A third man, a possible witness to the homicide, was taken to Golden Plains Community Hospital for complaints of chest pains where he was treated and released. The Borger Police Department was unable to release the names and relationships of the parties involved for procedural reasons. However, a family member, who asked that their identity not be revealed, was able to confirm their identies as Herschel Bryan Moffitt, 47 (deceased), and his son Kai Moffitt, 23 (homicide suspect). The possible witness’ name is being withheld out of respect to the Borger Police Department’s ongoing investigation.The family member also directed Borger News-Herald reporters to a Facebook status update made by Kai Moffitt, an electrician’s apprentice at Howard Electric, the day before the incident. The update says, in full, “My father smokes meth and is a piece of S*** low life thief and I hope you die of an overdose, you steal from your family and you only care about yourself rot in Hell b****”. What ensued was a back-and-forth of threats, accusations, and mutual slander between Kai and his father, including Kai warning his father, “Don’t fall asleep b****”. Whether this online altercation may’ve prompted the homicide or not is unclear, but it is worthy of noting, as it is indicative of pre-existing tension in the two’s relationship.The investigation into the incident is ongoing, and the Borger News-Herald will remain in contact with authorities in order to provide updates to this situation.