Three dead in plane crash near Amarillo

A plane crash east of Amarillo resulted in three deaths early Monday morning. According to Sr. Trooper Chris Ray of the Department of Public Safety, at around 2:00am the DPS received a report of a missing aircraft, a single-engine 1999 Raytheon B36TC.The aircraft had been en route to Tradewind Airport in Amarillo when it was rerouted to Rick Husband, which it overflew. Air traffic controllers lost contact with the plane as it came around for a second landing attempt and a search for the aircraft began. Agencies from across the area responded, including the DPS; the Carson, Potter, Randall and Armstrong county Sheriffs' Offices; the Panhandle and Amarillo Police departments; Pantex; and the Panhandle and Potter County Fire Departments. Despite the response, heavy fog hindered search attempts and hours passed before it lifted. After the fog burned off, DPS added a helicopter to the search effort. The plane was discovered at about 7:15a.m. by the ground team. It had crashed in a lake bed north of highway 60 and east of Parley Road in Potter County. Three occupants of the plane were found dead at the scene.