Jody Wilson, Jody's JournalI snuggled down in the recliner, my Bible, The Upper Room and Jesus Calling rested in my lap. And our awesome Papa was in the chair beside me, a meaningful way to begin the new day. We were up but the sun was not. The coffee was hot and my heart was warm. The New Year, only three days old, stretched before me.Genesis and the story of Isaac filled my mind. Grieving the death of his mother, Rebecca walked into his heart and his tent and he was comforted. Then he buried his righteous father and Isaac began the struggle to make his way in life.Water, always a primary concern, was a point of contention. One well after the other erupted in quarrel. Isaac quietly moved on, opening another well. The joyful report of his servants was “We have found water!” The ownership of this well was uncontested. In his deep relief and gratitude he made a statement, “The Lord has made room for us.” Those words struck my heart like a hammer. How beautiful!Let me regress. Ted and I have passed the six-month marker of our moving to Plainview. For Ted this is a return to classmates, fellow farmers, long-term friendships and re-entry to the church where he grew up. For me it is a new community, a new congregation, a new field to bloom and grow, a place to serve and minister, whenever, wherever, and as needed.And we are. We fill in for the absent Sunday School teacher. We provided Christmas Eve music and I accompanied classically trained vocalists. (Can you believe that?) Ted preached a life-changing message in the contemporary and traditional services while our pastor took a few days off during the Christmas season. Ted led congregational singing in the absence of our music director. And tomorrow we will sing a couple of hymns for the memorial service of a dear lady and I will provide prelude and postlude music for the service. There is a place for us.Last Sunday in Papa’s class we gathered together. One of the leaders made the statement, “We are so happy you and Ted are here. You just fill in so many places.” Her warm smile radiated welcome. My heart was humbled.Then the teacher of our class, a retired attorney, quietly said, “I believe that could be better stated.” He lifted his eyes, “You and Ted just fit in so many places.” Ahhh, yes, that said it even more beautifully.So, we declare with Isaac, “The Lord has made room for us.” And our hearts confirm that we ‘have found water’. In a place with fewer demands and gentle expectations, our strength is returning and our hope growing.