With tax season fully underway, here's a few tax break tips for homeowners.

Owning property can unlock some big tax breaks for you and your family. Here are five valuable deductions you might be able to claim. First, for middle-class Americans, the interest paid on your home loan is typically the largest potential deduction. Secondly, if you recently purchased a home but paid "points" to the bank in order to get a better rate, that expense is tax deductible in the year you made them. Thirdly, maximize your energy credits. Nearly every energy saving improvement you make to your home can qualify for a tax credit. Fourthly, if you suffered significant property damage and insurance didn't cover the loss, you might be eligible for a big deduction after repairs. Be sure you document everything done. Lastly, state property taxes levied on your primary residence are tax deductible.

We hope these homeowner tips help our readers. What are some tax break tips you can offer others? We'd like to hear from our readers. Just post your comments below.