Taco Villa not coming to Borger at this time

Do you want a Taco Villa in Borger? You may be waiting for awhile.Representatives at Bobby Cox Companies corporate office out of Fort Worth, who owns Taco Villa, stated they have received several calls to bring Taco Villa to Borger and they have noted it, but there is no plan to bring a Taco Villa back to Borger at this time.Citizens have been interested in bringing a Taco Villa back to the area. Local people have started a Facebook page called “Borger Villa,” with over 2677 people joining in this petition to bring Taco Villa back to Borger. These people have stated things like, ”We need a Taco Villa!”and “Taco Villa will be at 10th and Cedar.” The Borger News Herald recently posted a question of the week asking, “What restaurant chain would you like to see come to Borger?” With a total of 73 votes, Taco Villa came in at 41 percent IHOP was at twelve percent, Burger King was at sixteen percent, Arby’s was at eleven percent, Schlotzsky’s was at ten percent, Wendy’s was at four percent, and Dairy Queen was at five percent. Could pushing the idea through social media possibly bring a Taco Villa to Borger?