Sweet Victory!

The Borger Bulldogs found the win column on Friday night against their favorite team to beat. For the last seven years, Borger has won the matchup against the beast in the east (as George Grover calls them).. the Pampa Harvesters. Friday was no different as Borger handed Pampa their first district loss and picked up their first win on the year. As it is every year, this game had everything and went down to the wire. Borger prevailed 21-14 and improved to 1-1 in district play. The first half was a defensive battle for both teams. Salinas received for Borger to start play, and he returns it to the 32. Freeman rushes ahead for 6, but a 5 yard penalty brings it back for the Dogs. Freeman gains 3 on the next play but is stuffed for a loss on 3rd down. Newcomb is forced to punt it away for the Dogs. Pampa receives and quickly had a long rush which ended near midfield. Pampa fumbles and Mesneak recovers it for Borger on their own 47. Butler has a short gain and Freeman rushes ahead for 5 more, but is dropped for a loss on 3rd down. Newcomb has a 42 yard punt that ends up on the Pampa 6 yard line.Pampa has a long run on 1st down, with Henry with the stop. Brooks and a host of other Dogs make a nice stop on 2nd down, but Pampa ended up past midfield on 3rd down. It was 4th and short, and Pampa decided to go for it. They received a false start penalty, and punted it away. With 3:08 left in the first, Borger takes over on their own 14. Butler has a tough 8 yard run to bring up 2nd and 2. Borger is called for a false start to back them up to the 17. A pass from Guinn to Salinas is incomplete, but on 3rd and 7, Salinas beats many Pampa tacklers and rushes for a gain of 11. Freeman picks up another 7 on the ground. Butler is stuffed for no gain, but McKee picks up the 1st for the Dogs with a nice 3 yard run. The first quarter ends with no score. The Bulldogs are on their own 39 with a 1st and 10. Guinn looks down the field to Lacy, but the long pass is incomplete. Freeman picks up 8 tough yards on 2nd and 10 and gets it close to midfield. Butler is dropped for a loss on 3rd, and Borger is forced to punt yet again.Great defensive plays from Jensen, Gowdy, Brooks, Galloway, and an almost-interception from Salinas forces Pampa to a 4th and 15 and a three and out with 9 minutes left in the half. Borger would receive on their own 27. Pampa had Butler's number in the first half, as he was again stuffed for no gain on 2nd and 6 after Freeman picked up 4 on 1st down. Guinn was incomplete on a 3rd and 6 play. Borger is called for unsportsmanlike conduct and backed up 15 yards for the punt. Newcomb punts it away to the Borger 47.Suttle and Gowdy both have defensive plays, but Pampa picks up the 1st down. Suttle leads a group of Dogs on a great stop on 1st down and Jeter provides pressure on the quarterback while Brooks makes another great tackle on 2nd and 9. Pampa fumbles on 3rd down, but they are able to recover, and it is 4th and 1. They push ahead and seemed short of the 1st down thanks to great play from the Borger defensive line. The officials measure and call it a 1st down. Gowdy, Salinas, and McKee all make great stops for Borger. The Dogs, however, are called for a personal foul penalty after a 10 yard gain for Pampa. The ball is placed on the 3 yard line, and it is 1st and goal for Pampa. Jeter stops Pampa on 1st down and Galloway and McKinney stop them on 2nd, but Pampa is able to get it to inches away from the goal line on 3rd down. On 4th and inches, the mighty Bulldog defense steps up and makes an absolutely outstanding stop to take over on downs. Only 8 seconds remain, but Borger is in danger of giving up a safety being so close to the goal line. Butler rushes it out for 6 yards, and the half ends with no points on the board. Freeman was the leading rusher at the half with 35 yards. Borger had 57 total yards in the first half, all of those on the ground. Pampa had 136 total yards, but unable to score on the aggressive Bulldog D.Pampa receives to start the 2nd half of play. Gowdy quickly stuffs Pampa for a 2 yard loss, and McKee covers down the field to force an incomplete on 3rd down to force a Pampa punt. Borger takes over on their own 33, looking for the first score of the contest. Guinn picks up 5 on a keeper. On 2nd and 5, Guinn passes to Salinas down field and Pampa is called for pass interference. It is now 1st and 10 from the Pampa 47. Butler picks up 2 and then 4 yards behind the blocking from McKinney. Freeman finds a hole and breaks free for 12 yards on 3rd and 4 behind great blocks from McKinney, Orona and Sharp. From the 29, Butler breaks outside for 7 yards and then 9 more to pick up another 1st on the 14. Freeman gains a yard, and McKee rushes for 6 again behind blocks from McKinney and Orona. On 3rd and 3 from the 7, Guinn keeps it and rushes in for the first score of the game. The Aguilar extra point is good and the Dogs are up 7-0 with 5:52 left in the 3rd. Pampa receives on their own 35. Gowdy, Galloway, and Suttle are all in on tackles for the Dogs. Brooks almost picks up a sack and makes the quarterback scramble for a yard gain. Pampa is forced to punt.Borger receives and is called for a block in the back. They start on their own 22, but can't get anything going despite a 7 yard keeper from Guinn. Newcomb has a 36 yard punt to the Pampa 38.Gowdy and Brooks combine for a great tackle and a loss of 4 for Pampa. Jensen provides the Dogs with great coverage down the field, but Pampa converts on a long pass on 3rd down past midfield. McKee, Gowdy, Suttle, and Easley combine for a great defensive effort, but Pampa completes another long pass to the Borger 21. Mesneak drops Pampa for a 1 yard loss, but Pampa gets it to the 5. Gowdy and Martinez drop Pampa for another loss this time for 2 yards. On 3rd and goal from the 9, Pampa passes for a touchdown to tie it at 7 with 9:49 left in the 4th. Another 15 yard penalty on Borger on the kickoff puts them on their own 26. Freeman picks up 4 yards on 1st down. On 2nd and 6, Freeman breaks loose of many Pampa defenders intent on stripping the ball. Freeman holds on and sprints down the field for a beautiful 70 yard touchdown. Borger is up 14-7 with 9:20 left in the 4th. Pampa receives on their own 29. Sharp and Jeter have a hard hit on 1st down, but Pampa rushes past midfield and beyond quickly. Salinas has a couple of tackles, but Pampa rushes it into the endzone to tie the game up at 14 with 4:58 left in the contest. Lacy receives for Borger, and they set up at their own 31. On the option play, Guinn fakes the handoff to Freeman. Pampa fell for it, as Mr. Butler takes it 69 yards to pay dirt without being touched by a defender. It took Borger all of 13 seconds to score. The Aguilar extra point is good, and Borger takes the lead back 21-14 with 4:45 left in the 4th. Pampa receives on their own 30. Jeter, Sharp, and Gowdy and the rest of the Borger defense steps up and takes over on downs after an incomplete pass on 4th and 9. Butler picks up a couple yards, and the handoff on 2nd down is fumbled by the Bulldogs. Pampa recovers and has new life on their own 39. Jeter and Sharp have a monster sack for a loss of 8 yards, while Jensen and Henry cover down the field to force an incomplete. Mr. Brooks chases down the quarterback and hits him hard for a loss of 14 big yards. On 4th and 32, Pampa can't convert and Borger takes over again with 40 seconds left. If you know these two teams, it isn't over till the clock reads zero. The toss from Guinn to Freeman is fumbled by the Dogs, and Pampa takes over again on their own 31 with 28.3 seconds left. A long pass is complete, and Borger is called for a 15 yard penalty to put it on the Borger 29 with 24 seconds left. Pampa spikes it on 1st down, and is incomplete on 2nd down. Jeter breaks through and has a big sack for a loss of 7 on 3rd and 10. Pampa gets it to the 7 on a quick catch with 7.3 seconds left. Pampa's last hope was a throw to the endzone, which was easily catchable. Pampa was pleading a pass interference call, but Borger's tough defense holds yet again, and the Dogs walk away with a 21-14 victory! Not enough can be said about the Bulldogs defense, an area which has struggled in games past. The offensive line played tremendously as well. This was a team effort, and they fought hard for and deserved this win! Borger finished with 235 yards on the ground and none through the air. Freeman had 13 carries for 90 yards and a 70 yard touchdown. Butler finished with 14 carries and 106 yards and a 69 yard touchdown. Guinn was 0/4 with 18 yards on the ground and a rushing touchdown. Salinas picked up 12 yards, and McKee 4 more. Pampa finished with 300 yards on the night, 175 rushing and 135 passing. Borger had 8 first downs, two turnovers, and five punts for an average of 35.2. They were penalized 11 times for 78 yards. Borger comes off this big district victory to take on Perryton. This will be the last home game for the Bulldogs. Play starts at 7:30.