Summer season beginning at Lake Meredith

Summer time fun at Lake Meredith is about to begin and the upcoming Memorial Day is a good time to start!Although Lake Meredith National Recreation area it is getting smaller, there is still plenty of things for visitors to do.Visitors to the lake can enjoy boating, swimming, fishing, camping, picnicking, and a host of other outdoor activities. For people who intend on fishing, it is reported that walleye are biting well, as are crappie and sand bass. Both the Sanford-Yake boat ramp and the fishing dock are open. Fishermen are reporting walleye are biting well on live minnows at the dock. There is no charge to enter the lake, but if you plan on taking your boat to the lake a boating permit is required before a boat can be launched on the lake. Permits can be purchased at CJ’s Bait Shop and at park headquarters. Permit costs are $40 for an annual permit, $10 for a three day permit, and $4 for a one day permit. Half price permits are available to those who hold National Park Service Senior Passes or Access Passes. It is also asked that boaters familiarize themselves with all pertinent state and federal regulations just to make sure their boats meet all requirements. There is also a burn band that is still in effect for areas of lakes surroundings. This means there can be no fire of any kind including fire works or campfires only stoves fueled by petroleum or Liquid Propane Gas are allowed.Lake Meredith will be increasing its summer hours starting Saturday May 28, 2011 from 8 am to 4:30 pm for all three days (May 28-30) of the Memorial Day weekend, and will then revert to the regular summer schedule of being open six days a week Monday-Saturday. Except for May 29, the headquarters will not be open on Sundays. For more information, please contact park headquarters at 806-857-3151.