Summer Celebration set to be held tomorrow in Fritch

The Fritch Summer Celebration is set for tomorrow!KFDA News Channel 10, the local CBS affiliate, has selected Fritch as one of its stops on its “Summer Celebration Tour.” The city will be featured on Friday, July 22, the last day of its weeklong tour of area towns.The event will take place on Robey Street between the Lake Meredith Aquatic and Wildlife Museum and Fritch City Hall. Robey will be closed to traffic and booths will be placed up and down the block. There will be local entertainment, giveaways, contests, challenges, and a variety of other events. There will be a variety of booths on hand for this year’s celebration, which include the following:•National Park Service – information•Tio Panchos – food•Park Improvement Committee – hamburgers and raffle•Alex Stitzel – face painting, airbrushing•Kathy Sargent – information•Robbie Hollar – smoked turkey legs•Creacy Chuckwagon – information•Girl Scouts – food•Hutchinson County – information•Community Prayer Group•Bouncy House•Heathington Dynamaxx•Janet Morrison – games•Janet Morrison – fruit drinks•Red Hat Ladies – coke and root beer floats and dill pickles•Lendy Tate – Beauti-Control•Wheatheart of the Nation – information on beauty pageant•Crystal Mattiza – fund raiser for Fritch children (school supplies)•Assembly of God Church – mission trip fundraiser•Christa Newman – cupcakes•Frank Phillips College – popcorn and information•MOW information•Relay for Life – Texas Tech basketball raffle•Delores from Pampa – hair bows•Lynn Ledford – balloons, jelly•Heather – airbrushing•Chad Epperson – BBQ sandwiches, sausage wraps, tea•Chad Epperson – snow conesTony Smitherman of Channel 10 said the 5 p.m. weather will be broadcast live from Fritch, and full onsite newscasts will take place at 6 and 10 p.m. Live shots of the festivities in Fritch will be featured on the 9 p.m. news as well.“We would love to see everyone who lives in the Fritch area come out and enjoy the fun,” Smitherman said. “Our crews will be roaming the Summer Celebration and interacting with those attending by playing games and participating in challenges and contests. We want everyone to have a great time in Fritch, Texas!”The content of each newscast will be centered on Fritch. The newscasts will highlight the people, places, events, and history of the local area.The event will encompass all of the Fritch area, and citizens are encouraged to come out and enjoy the festivities.For more information, call Vicki Wilson at 806-891-4109, Judy Allen at 806-674-6460, or Susan Rawlins at 806-336-9609. Other Summer Celebration Committee members can also be contacted.Members of the committee include Wilson, Allen, Rawlins, Renee Laney, Cindy Ott-Jones, Rozanna Pfeiffer, Kevin Keener, and Jacqueline Praeuner. The Summer Celebration is not sponsored by the Fritch Area Chamber of Commerce.