Subway to close doors this May

The current Subway location in Borger will be closing its doors this May.The decision has been made to terminate the store’s current leasing agreement and move it to a different location. Several locations are currently in the works, but a new location has not been selected, according to Frank and Sherry Wingate and Jeff and Rene Brain, operating partners of Subway.The restaurant’s last day to serve customers will be May 13, and after that time it will be closed until a location is remodeled or built.“Our loyal employees will lose their jobs when we close,” they said. “Please respect their situation and wish them well.”CVS has been working on buying the property where Subway is presently located to build a new store. The Wingates and the Brains had heard from their landlord for years all different scenarios regarding CVS, which included having a deal, not having a deal, making a deal, deal being called off, Subway needing to move, Subway not needing to move, Subway would be in the new CVS, Subway would not be in the new CVS, and that Subway would stay until the lease was done in 2015.“We loved the centralized location of our store, but hated the building and problems it created for our employees and customers,” the Wingates and Brains said. “We watched as conditions have deteriorated, air conditioning that is old and is patched and held together with ropes and wishes.”Other issues with the building have including cold weather conditions while the heater was repaired, bad handicap access, a leaky roof, and a parking lot filled with potholes.“Needless to say, we weren’t really proud of our building,” they said.The latest CVS deal began with the news that a deal was struck, but the Wingates and Brains were told they didn’t know whether it would go or not. They were asked to find a new location. A month ago, they were told the deal was off, the CVS deal was not going through, and Subway could wait until the lease was up in 2015 to move.However, in the last couple of weeks, it became obvious the CVS deal was not dead. The Wingates and Brains assessed the building and the continued decay and the impact on staying four more years with Subway and with a number of people.“We have verbally agreed to a buy-out of our lease with our landlord and with Subway,” they said. “Only when we have all the approvals and the paperwork is completed, we will close and move our equipment to storage.”They said folks have wanted a new CVS and Subway, and it appears that will probably happen. They said it doesn’t mean they are all happy about the change, but will try to make the best of it.“We aren’t happy about the result on our employees’ lives,” they said. “We aren’t happy because we will lose the chance to serve our customers in the time we will be closed.”However, the Wingates and Brains wish CVS well in coming to Borger and serving the good people of this town they call home.“We look forward to opening with the latest Subway look and serving you again real soon!” they said.