Students at BMS give back this holiday season

Students at Borger Middle School decided to give back this holiday season. The BMS National Junior Honor Society and Student Council presented over 200 toys to the Golden Plains Community Hospital worth over $700 on Monday. The toys included things like headphones, CDs, handheld games for older kids, stuffed animals, cars, Barbies, dolls, legos, etc., for smaller children. Student council sponsor Jenny Mitchell stated, “My daughter, she is a dare devil. She busted her head open and we took her to BSA and everything and they gave her a Barbie doll to calm her down. Less than a year ago, she did it again here in town. We came up to the Borger hospital and she didn't get a toy. It got me thinking, maybe we could do something so everyone could get a toy when they came in.” According to GPCH CEO, Dennis Jack, “ The toys are going for the pediatric patients who come here to help transition from being here and from being sick. Give them something to focus on instead of that IV that they have. It was the middle school's idea, they brought it to us. The hospital used to have stuffed animals that people would bring and usually they were all old stuffed animals.” The Borger Middle School principal Michael Cano added, “ My daughter had to have an endoscopy and colonoscopy. The only thing that made her trip was being able to get a toy. Jenny and I had that in common and we got to talking about it and thought it would be a great idea.” Mitchell explained how the principals stated everyone was assigned a grade level and the grade that raised the most money they would take a pie to the face. The sixth grade class won, and vice principal, Daniel Kotara will get a pie to his face Friday, Dec. 21. “ We will make sure all the kids know where these presents come from . It is important that they know who did it,” Said Jack.