The stories that grabbed headlines in 2012 (at least according to me)

Michelle Berry, A Fresh PerspectiveEven though 2013 is now upon us, memories of what happened in 2012 still run deep. I got to thinking about it, and there were three different headlines that grabbed my attention in 2012, all for different reasons, of course.•The tragic passing of Whitney Houston – I still remember logging on to my People magazine app one Saturday night in February 2012 and seeing all sorts of headlines talking about Whitney Houston...and her passing. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. It was the same thoughts I had when I first heard of actor Heath Ledger’s passing...simply dumbfounded.When I got home that night, the coverage on her passing was all over the news, with the media trying to bring all of the latest details of the story to light. It was just hard for me to fathom she was gone. Houston was an icon of my generation, someone that seemed almost untouchable. Even though she had slipped and fallen many times, metaphorically speaking, over the past few years, I was still hopeful she would rise above it all. Tragically, her past and her rough life came back to haunt her, and eventually resulted in her demise.I also remember that her passing took place the Saturday night just right before the Grammy awards were set to be held. I felt like the Grammy organizers gave her a fitting tribute, just as she deserved. Not normally a Grammy Awards watcher, I tuned in just to see what might happen, and I was pleased with how things were handled, considering the circumstances.•The reelection of Barack Obama – Politics has been a passion of mine for many years, and this year was no exception. Not being a fan of our current president, I was hopeful that our country would want change – real change – and get off of the slippery path it was taking.I watched the Republican National Convention and felt re-energized by the speeches I heard. It seemed like things just might change. I watched the debates between Obama and his challenger Mitt Romney. Once again, it seemed like things just might change.However, what became inherently obvious on Election Night was that many voters had already made up their minds months ago about who they wanted for president. No debate or convention was going to sway them the other way.I tuned initially feeling optimistic about Romney’s chances. However, as the evening progressed and more swing states went Obama’s way, I knew things were not going to go well for Romney in this election. At the end of the evening, when Obama was declared the winner, I was in shock. I could not believe that the United States of America had put this man back in power for another four years. It made no sense, and filled me with a great sense of fear. My only hope is that our country can survive the next four years unscathed, but I have a feeling Obama will leave some pretty deep bruises.•The Newtown, Conn. tragedy – This headline is one I wish wasn’t real in 2012. The thought that 20 young children, just beginning their lives more or less, will never see the light of day again just saddens me to no end. How anyone would have the gall to do that is something I will never understand.I can only imagine the grief, the heartache, the pain, and the anguish that not only the parents of these children feel, but the entire community as a whole. I have no doubt the wounds run incredibly deep and probably will for years to come.Like I have said before, it is my hope that the name of the killer will not be made famous, because if it is, he’s truly getting what he wanted all along: to be known by other people. He is not the one that should be known. The lives of the children and the adults involved are the ones that should be remembered and treasured for years to come. We must make sure their memories live on.What headlines will we see in 2013? The year is still young. It will be interesting to find out!