Stinnett council takes care of business

The Stinnett City Council took care of various items of business during its regular meeting Monday evening.The council discussed and approved the Street improvement (seal-coating) for 17 and a half blocks on Ranch and Larriet and other areas. In terms of bids, the council decided to accept GW James of Pampa’s bid of $18,412.00 for the project that was presented by Branch Engineers . The City of Stinnett also approved the hiring of Drennan Rogers for the Stinnett Police Department and new CDC Member Kendra Jones. The council discussed the disposal of surplus equipment, mostly due to age and some pieces that are no longer running, etc. It came to the decision to sell the equipment “as is”. The council also approved the following: PRPC- Regional Emergency Notification System Inter-local Agreement, an order of cancellation for the election May 14, 2011 since all incumbents are running unopposed, and the five percent salary increase of Mark Anderson, City Manager. The city also discussed the plans for this year’s summer clean up project. It hasn’t completely decided on where the trash bin will be located, but is looking at the vacant lot behind the fire station instead of the alleys.