Stinnett City Council meets Monday evening

Council members for the City of Stinnett met on Monday, Dec 19, 2011 around 6 p.m. in Stinnett City Hall at 609 Mackenzie, Stinnett. The meeting begin with public comment from Ted Gaddis the about 4th street potholes and Farmer to McCormick maintenance issues. Council members then reviewed monthly reports from maintenance, EMS, Fire Department, Police Department CDC, and the City Administrator. After monthly reports, the council will called Dwight Brandt to speak about the storm sewer grant update from Brandt Engineers and allow for him to take bids. This was approved by the council members. The meeting went into a public hearing pertaining to Ordinance No. 323 to Tax Tangible Personal Property in Transit which would otherwise be exempt pursuant to tax code. The ordinance was approved by the council.Council members also approved sealed bids of surplus equipment. The highest bid for the surplus equipment was placed by Russel McCroskey.