SPIN doing its part to help those in need

SPIN does more than shows “what comes around goes around.”SPIN stands for Single Parents In Need. This two-woman organization is run by Tracy Olson and Margaret Engler. Their main goal is to help all single parents in need (men or women) plus some. They are here to help those who need the help in the community.It started when Tracy put an ad out on Facebook to help clean some of her closets out. A girl sent Olson a text message that said, “I’m young, pregnant, I need money to help me with my baby.” So even though there were concerns of her getting hurt or going into labor, Olson hired her. During the course of her being there, Olson found out she was 15-years-old, six months pregnant, and didn’t have half of what she needed. “The little bit I was able to pay her wasn’t going to help much. So the more I thought about it, I figured I needed to do something, so I sent out a message to several of my friends asking for help and within a day I had basically everything she needed,” said Olson. After helping this girl, Olson began to help more and more by posting on Facebook and taking donations. “They started to just pour in and it just kind of snowballed from there,” she said.The two women just came together through Facebook by helping women in the same conditions as the 15-year-old and therefore SPIN evolved. Everything remains anonymous and they try to cover the 806 area code by branching out. Although SPIN hasn’t been around for a long time, it has really made an impact on the Borger community. For more information about SPIN see them on Facebook.