Sauls encourages citizens to practice water conservation

The City of Borger is currently encouraging its citizens to practice water conservation.Winston Sauls, who works at the city's water treatment plant, presented some information on water quality during the regular meeting of the Borger City Council Tuesday, along with tips for citizens on conserving water.He said the drinking water in Borger meets all federal and state standards, and is tested throughout the year. There are over 100 contaminants that the Environmental Protection Agency tests for, Sauls said, and the city is well under all minimum limits on those contaminants. All of the water going to residents in Borger is 100 percent well water.During this time of year, he said most people are concerned about the price of gasoline. However, the main subject of discussion this year is water conservation. He said the water staff met earlier this year, with the realization that this summer was going to be different due to the drought conditions.Sauls said the Canadian River Municipal Water Authority has cut the city's allowance of water approximately 70 percent when it comes to lake water. He said this could cause some issues to arise this summer with water usage.“We basically wanted to make the citizens of Borger aware that they need to conserve water,” he said.He said the city is encouraging citizens to do simple things, such as watering their yards every other day instead of every day, repairing leaky faucets, adjusting their sprinklers to water the grass and not overflow onto sidewalks, and using common sense to clean off areas around their yards.Sauls said the City of Borger currently has three water wells down at the present time. The wells were drilled back in the 1960s, and their life expectancy is more or less gone. They are not pumping at the present time. Two more wells have been added, but he said there are still days when staff struggles to keep water coming in for the city.He said usually at this time of year, the City of Borger uses 3.1 million gallons of water a day. Presently, it is using 3.9 million gallons of water a day, and Sauls said he doesn't want the city to have more of a demand for water than it can provide.All city facilities will be implementing some sort of water conservation throughout the summer months.