Sanford citizens voice concerns about post office

Early Thursday evening on September 8, 2011, Sanford citizens got the opportunity to voice their opinion to Bobby Eubanks, Jr., Manager of Post Office Operations out of Fort Worth at Sanford Community Hall. This meeting gave the chance to discuss any alternatives to closing the post office, which has been proposed. A review of business activities of the Post Office at this site revealed that the office workload has declined. This reduced workload suggests the maintenance of an independent Post Office here may no longer be warranted. Options included picking up their mail on a daily basis at post offices eight to twelve miles away in Fritch. Local citizen Mr Oatman said, “I don’t have a car and I do have to walk there. It would be a hassle to everybody.” A citizen, whose identity was unknown, said, “You’ve got this post office here. Instead of building a new kiosk here or in Fritch why not close off part of it and still continue putting mail in the post office boxes and still have your stamp machines available there? Or just cut down the post office hours to four hours a day.”As vital as the Sanford Post Office is to locals, it may soon be forced to shut its doors because of federal cutbacks. The turn out and input from Thursday’s meeting will have an effect on the Postal Service’s decision.