Sales, refreshments, and Santa Claus!

The Borger Downtown Merchants will be having sales, refreshments, and Santa during its upcoming Christmas open house.The open house is set to take place from 1-4 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 20, 2011 on Main Street. In addition to sales at stores and Christmas goodies, Santa Claus will be making his arrival at 2 p.m.Stores participating in this year’s open house are as follows:•Jim’s Diamond Shop – 519 North Main•Amy Lynn’s – 506 North Main•Sugar Rush Old Fashioned Candy – 601 North Main•Texas Mikes – 520 North Main•Family Style Salon – 717 North MainMike Scales of the Borger Downtown Merchants, said the organization will once again be doing a traveling shopping cart. The cart will make its first stop at Jim’s Diamond Shop on the day of the Christmas open house, and will be traveling to other stores throughout the month. Visitors can make guesses on the value of the cart while it is in a particular store, and whoever gets the number value the closest will be the winner. The winner of the cart will be announced on Dec. 23. Information on future stops for the cart, as well as a Santa Claus schedule, will be printed in the BNH as soon as it becomes available.