Runoff election set for July 31

The runoff election for local, state, and national offices is set to take place on July 31.Hutchinson County residents will be voting for a new sheriff in this runoff election. Candidates are Don Johnson and Mickey Blackmon. Johnson received 1,104 votes in the primary election, equating to 40.77 percent of the vote. Michael Lon “Mickey” Blackmon received 906 votes in the primary election, equating to 33.46 percent of the vote.Republicans and Democrats will each be selecting a nominee for the U.S. Senate seat that will be filled in the upcoming general election.David Dewhurst and Ted Cruz are competing for the Republican nomination. Dewhurst, who has been serving as Lieutenant Governor, received 621,850 votes in the primary election statewide, equating to 44.59 percent of the vote. Cruz came in second with 477,428 votes, equating to 34.23 percent of the vote.In Hutchinson County, Dewhurst received 1,508 votes, equating to 58.59 percent of the vote. Cruz received 631 votes, equating to 24.51 percent of the vote.Paul Sadler and Grady Yarbrough are competing for the Democratic nomination. In the primary election, Sadler received 173,352 votes for 35.12 percent of the vote statewide. Yarbrough came in second with 127,460 votes for 25.82 percent of the vote.In Hutchinson County, Sadler received 40 votes for 31.24 percent of the vote and Yarbrough received 30 votes for 30.93 percent of the vote.Republicans will also be deciding on a nominee for Texas Railroad Commissioner between Christi Craddick and Warren Chisum.In the primary election, Craddick received 417,399 votes (35.84 percent). Chisum came in second with 317,725 votes (27.28 percent). In Hutchinson County, Chisum received 1,816 votes (71.38 percent) and Craddick received 412 votes (16.19 percent).A nominee will also be selected for Texas Railroad Commissioner (Unexpired Term) for the Republican party. Vying for the nomination are incumbent Barry Smitherman and Greg Parker. In the primary election statewide, Smitherman received 492,764 votes (44.22 percent). Parker came in second with 309,441 votes (27.76 percent). In Hutchinson County, Parker received 882 votes (39.98 percent) and Smitherman received 700 votes (31.73 percent).Republicans will be choosing a nominee for Justice, Supreme Court, Place 4. Vying for the nomination are David Medina and John Devine. In the primary election, Medina received 430,092 votes (39.03 percent). Devine came in second with 354,841 votes (32.20 percent).In Hutchinson County, Joe Pool, Jr. received the most votes, having received 786 (36.39 percent). Devine received 691 votes (31.99 percent) and Medina received 683 votes (31.62 percent). However, in the statewide race, Pool only received 316,787 votes (28.75 percent).Early voting for the runoff election will be from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. during the days of July 23 through July 27, 2012.Voting locations are as follows:Hutchinson County Courthouse, 500 Main Street, Basement, StinnettHutchinson County Annex, 1400 Veta St., Room 111, BorgerFritch Library Community Room, 205 N. Cornell, FritchFor further information, call the County Clerk’s office at 878-4002.