Ranch Sorting competition coming to Borger on June 2nd

The Panhandle Team Penners Association (PTPA) is hosting a RSNC Ranch Sorting competition at the Frank Phillips College Rodeo Arena on Saturday, June 2nd.Events will get underway at 8:30 a.m. with competition to take place in eight different classes, including youth class, all levels handicap, #13 HC, #10 HC, #10 HC Masters, #11 Rookie HC w/2 cap on sorter, #8 HC and #4 class.Entry fees are $20 for the youth class, $25 for the #4 class, and $35 for the other divisions.Ranch Sorting is one of the fastest growing equine sports in America, which matches up a horse and rider against 11 cows. Ranch Sorting is played in two sorting pins arranged in a figure eight type shape about 60 feet across with a 12-foot opening between pins. Two people enter the arena with the cattle located on the other side numbered 0-9 with one unmarked. Once a rider crosses the start line, the clock starts and the rider is given a number where they are to go get that number out of the herd of 11 to send them to the other side of the arena. From that point, the cattle are sorted through the progressing order with the one who sorted the most cattle in the fastest time, winning the game.Ranch Sorting is easy to learn and a sport everyone in the family can participate in and win.The Ranch Sorting National Championships (RSNC) was formally established in the spring of 2007 by horse enthusiasts who compete and participate in different equine events, including Ranch Sorting. On Sunday, June 3rd, a RSNC clinic will be offered for those interested in learning more about the sport. The clinic will start at 8:30 a.m. to noon. The price for the clinic is $75 per participant, which includes lunch and a t-shirt. There will be a 20-participant limit for the clinic.For more information for the sorting competition contact Ray Lerman at 806-753-7883 or Jim Bridwell at 806-220-4744. For more information on the clinic contact Bob McPherson at 806-886-7500.