Ralls Appliance, partners make large donation to needy families

A local business is doing its part once again to meet the needs of families this holiday season.Ralls Appliance received enough qualifying purchases during their annual Refrigerator Donation Sale to donate refrigerators to seven local families in need.Jack Klaus, owner of Ralls Appliance, said the business is extremely excited about the support its customers have shown for this program.“This was a win-win for everyone. Our customers received their appliance at the same cost as the national chain stores, a free five-year warranty, and service department to back them up if needed, and seven local families facing a tough time this Christmas are getting a new refrigerator stocked full of groceries!” he said.Ralls Appliance annualized the Refrigeration Donation Sale after the tremendous success it saw in its first year. Both sales combined has afforded Ralls Appliance and its partners to contribute nearly $19,000 in refrigerators and food to local families in need.When asked about how he came up with the idea, Klaus said he saw many local customers being drawn to the big chain stores with promises of discounted prices. He knew many of these promises are hollow and wanted to show customers that not only are Ralls Appliance’s prices the same, but that their customers’ dollars could go to a good cause as well.“So many of our new customers are surprised to learn that we price our appliances the same as the national chains. We even offer a price match guarantee!” Klaus said. “On top of that, we service our appliances, give our customers a free five-year warranty, and service discounts for the life of the appliance. We also want our community to know that when they buy from us, they help their neighbors in need.”