Ralls Appliance joining with other entities to donate new refrigerators

Ralls Appliance, GE Whirlpool, United Supermarkets and the Salvation Army will donate new refrigerators stocked full of groceries to the less fortunate families this year. Ralls Appliance offered this to many families last year for the holidays. “We understand the value of a helping hand. With over 40 years in business, we’ve faced some tough times ourselves,” stated Jack Klaus, owner of Ralls Appliance. “With the support of our community, Ralls Appliance and our partners donated 14 new refrigerators stocked full of groceries to very deserving families last year. Our hope is that we can help even more of our local families who are facing a tough time going into this holiday season.” There has already been enough purchases made to allow Ralls to donate three refrigerators. For every five appliance priced at or over $499 during the last three weeks of November, Ralls Appliance and others will donate a new refrigerator stocked with groceries to a local family who needs it. There is no set limit to how many can be given out. “If you know of a family in need who could benefit from this program, we ask that you go to rallsappliance.com or local Salvation Army to nominate a family which can be done anonymously,” Klaus said. For more information call Jack Klaus, Ralls Appliance at 274-5269, Philip Burn, Salvation Army at 214-418-9536, or Shelby Crews, United Supermarkets, 788-4869.