Plains Cotton Growers Inc. release 2016 county production figures

Tom Hinde

2016 Texas High Plains cotton production was one for the record books. The Plains Cotton Growers (PCG) released their 2016 county-by-county production numbers. Hutchinson county had 14,000 acres planted and 11,710 harvested in 2016. The yield per harvested acre were 1,193 or 29,100 bales. For the 41-county High Plains region, acres planted were 3,674,600 with 3,322,200 harvested. Yield per harvested acre were 741 or 5,127,100 bales.

Growers produced more than 5.1 million bales of cotton, the fourth-largest crop in PCG history. Planted acreage in 2016 was up almost 560,000 acres from 2015. The PCG's service area accounted for almost two-thirds of the 8.1 million bales of upland cotton produced in Texas. On a national basis, Texas growers accounted for nearly half of the 16.6 million upland bales produced in United States in 2016.