Park rec program successful thanks to community help

The City of Borger Park Recreation Program has been rolling along this summer, and would not be the success it is without the aid of various community members and leaders.Annadon Keys, director of the Johnson Park Youth Center, said if it was not for the amazing donations, the children participating in the program would not be able to do everything they get to do. She said she was thankful for the efforts of the Morley Theatre, Wildcatters, and the Circle Roller Rink in opening their doors to the children this summer.“If Garrett Spradling didn’t allow the children to go to the movies and to bowling, that would be another afternoon in the park,” she said. “Vic Bouldin also lets the children go skating every Wednesday, another fun day out of the park and the heat.”Keys praised the City of Borger for allowing the children to go swimming every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon at no charge at all, and also for providing those children a snack. The Johnson Park Youth Center is also open to Park Recreation participants every Monday and Thursday afternoon.“I am very proud of the citizens of Borger, along with our city manager Eddie Edwards and our city council,” she said. “Without any of them, our park recreation program would not work. As a community, we should be very proud. Our community is one of the very few that still offers a park recreation program.”She also said the city has provided excellent aides and bus drivers, and she is grateful for the efforts of Park Recreation Manager Sharon Lowery for making everything run as smoothly as possible.“I often wonder where these 200 to 250 children would be without the park recreation program,” Keys said.This year’s park recreation program is set to conclude on Friday, July 29.