From ordinary pallets to wonderful creations

Longtime Borger resident Vance Brown has used some of his time over the past ten years to tear down pallets to make wonderful creations. Within the past two months, one of his newest hobbies he has just picked up involves making wishing wells from pallets. “It all started with my wife wanting a wishing well. So, I torn down a pallet and made her one and have made them since.” he states. Brown sells his creations at the customer’s price. “If people want to buy them I let them make the offer.” he said. Over six months time, he has created six of the wishing wells and an ice chest purely out of pallets.”I use pallets not because I’m too cheap to buy wood. I prefer to use pallets because it a form of recycling and some pallets consist of different types of wood colors and that what makes them pretty.” added Brown. Brown continued to say he enjoys taking the flat pieces of wood and making designs and seeing what results. People interested in purchasing a wishing well or wanting to know more about them can call the Borger News-Herald at 273-5611 and ask for his information.