Old hospital abatement process nearing completion

The Christmas holiday will mark the 200 S. McGee hospital facility being 75% complete in the asbestos abatement process. Basement flooring, pipe fittings, and duct work are what will remain to be abated after the holiday. A few questionable items are being tested and pending results, will be abated if they return positive for asbestos. The initial target date for all interior asbestos removal is the second week of January, unless the items return a positive result. Consultation with the contractors will be necessary to determine a new target date and additional expense.Demolition will consist of the interior materials being stripped and sorted into roll off dumpsters. Once the interior of the building is complete they will move to the exterior. Heavy equipment will begin stripping the exterior and sorting materials. Once the materials are sorted and removed, the utilities will be capped, the basement will be filled and the ground will be put at grade. We have been as conscientious as possible where recyclable materials are concerned. Golden Plains Community Hospital will keep you updated on the continued progress of demolition at 200 South McGee.