Oil Rig Explosion North of Stinnett

Hutchinson County Fire Marshal Danny Richards has informed the Borger News-Herald that fire crews are en route to an explosion and fire on an oil rig north of Stinnett on the Turkey Track Ranch.A grass fire has broken out and one vehicle is in flames. As of 4:15 fire crews were a quarter mile from the blaze.More details as the story develops.Edit: 5:52pm The well has been capped and the remaining flames are consuming two oil field vehicles and grass in the area. First report is that there have been no injuries. Crews remain on site to deal with remaining fires. According to the DPS "Workers drilling possibly hit a gas pocket causing a rumble in the ground. The workers knowing something was wrong evacuated the scene. There was then an explosion resulting in fire and damage to vehicles. No one was injured or killed." Attached photo courtesy of Hutchinson County Sheriff Don Johnson.Edit 6:47 pm:The fire has now been extinguished by fire crews coming from Borger FD, Spearman FD, Stinnett FD, and Hutchinson County FD.The fire began as workers were circulating flammable liquids in a pit. The liquids got too close to the rig and ignition occurred. The fire then spread from the rig to three large tanker trucks and surrounding grass. The vehicles involved were all completely destroyed and five acres of land were burned.No injuries occurred as the initial explosion knocked crew members out of the vicinity of flames. Four companies lost equipment in the blaze - Palo Duro Equipment, Tom Coble Gas & Oil, Phil Dollar Rig Service, and Turner Energy.