Jody Wilson, Jody's JournalAbby* was the girl next door, fresh faced, bright eyed and pure as a new fallen snow. She was active in her church. And she excelled in everything, academically, athletically, and musically. She was constantly winning awards. Her parents glowed with pride and her siblings adored her. And for her age, Abby seemed mature and stable. Then she met Lance*.Lance was already in college. Abby was still in high school. Lance swept her off her feet, so much so that she lost her moral footing. Abby fell in love and she found herself doing things she vowed she would never do.She knew Lance loved her. He proved it in so many ways. But everything was moving too fast. Just as she began her senior year she got sick, really sick. She and Lance had broken it off because she needed a little space. The sickness was probably just the stress of the moment, but she couldn’t keep anything down. One morning the question was posed, “Abby, could you be pregnant?” She burst into tears. She had let everyone down. But surely she wasn’t pregnant. Her senior year was too busy, banquets, awards, prom. Having a baby would not fit into her schedule.A run was made to Wal-Mart to pick up a pregnancy test. Abby took the test and watched in disbelief as two little pink lines moved across the window. “I must have done it wrong,” she thought. But when Mom asked, Abby replied, “I think it’s positive.”The emotion was all over the place. She couldn’t have this baby. An abortion, that’s what they would do. Abby knew God would forgive her. Things would be all right. It was the best thing to do.But then Abby and her parents checked her stage of pregnancy in a book they brought home. The baby already had a heartbeat. Maybe they had better re-think the abortion. Abby wiped away the tears, “I don’t want to do something that I’ll regret the rest of my life,” she whispered. And her parents breathed a sigh of relief and a prayer of thanks.They shared their decision with the principal at school. He promised to work with them. He turned to Abby, “Just hold your head up, Abby. You are not a failure. You’ll get through this,” he assured her. But she felt like a failure, a big fat failure.Lance wanted to work things out with Abby and have their baby together. But Abby was so angry with him she didn’t even want him around. At the same time she wasn’t sure that adoption was the answer either.During her pregnancy Abby saw a counselor. He affirmed her, pointed out her gifts and all the good things about her life. Mostly he understood and never judged her.Abby delivered her baby in plenty of time for her banquets, awards, and prom. She enrolled in college managing her classes and her baby with help from her family.She and Lance found their way back into each other’s arms. And a few years later they were married. And their little baby was in the audience watching the ceremony.Abby reaches out to other young women who face hard decisions. She touches them with love, patience, and understanding. After all, she has been there too.Dear Reader, never forget that God doesn’t will everything that happens in our lives, but He doesn’t waste anything that happens either. Some place, some day, someone will need you to extend a hand of mercy and whisper, “I understand. I have been where you are. I know what you’re going through, and it’s going to be all right.” Someone is waiting for you. Are you ready?*Names have been changed.